A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Windows version when unzipped is 840 MB.

The Mac version when unzipped is 1.14 GB.

Challenge yourself. Confront your fears. Travel in an unfamiliar world. Travel with your allies for a common goal. Break through the illusion.

7 Fears is about "I" who is trapped in his mind and has to escape with the help of his friends. Along the way, they will encounter creatures led by the Fears. They must stick together if they wish to overcome the obstacles ahead of them.

Before playing, it is important to know that the game contains vivid colours, disturbing imagery, mental illness and inappropriate humour. If you suffer from epileptic seizures, are easily disturbed, suffer from mental illnesses or are easily offended, then you have been warned.


7 Fears.7z 595 MB
7 Fears Mac Version.7z 695 MB

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